fx sound download


fx sound download

FxSound immediately recovers lost sound quality, allowing you to listen to high-definition music without interruption. If you don't mind occasional interruptions and limited access to features, the high-definition sound is yours to enjoy. Apple Music - Spotify - Google Play Music - Youtube - Pandora - Soundcloud - Netflix and Steam are all compatible with the Windows PC platform. Everything that was previously included with DFX, including the fundamental technology and audio enhancement, is now included in the new and improved FxSound Enhancer.

You can now make the sound jump out of your speakers with a little help from your friends. New software to improve the sound quality of your chilly, monotonous, and quiet music. Maintain high-quality audio on any system without breaking the bank. It is not necessary to pay hundreds of dollars to obtain audiophile sound. Presets can be unlocked and EQ and effects settings can be saved by upgrading to Premium Pro for $19.99/year.

Music fx download

FxSound for PC corrects the restrictions of your audio devices and files by enhancing their capabilities.

Video Games are a great way to pass the time.

Allow yourself to become completely immersed in your reality. Never again will you miss a footstep, a ding, or a voice line.

Television and motion pictures

Never again will you have to struggle to hear the dialogue or have your ears blown out by the sound effects or score. FxSound smoothes and improves the sound quality of your favorite television shows and movies.


The app improves your clarity, allowing you to maintain your sanity. Reduce the amount of time you rewind and you'll get more money. Precision is required while customizing your sound.

New Parametric Equalization (NEQ)

There are no two ears that are alike. Not every piece of hardware is created equal. The new equalizer balances your sound according to your preferences, and the center frequencies can now be customized.


With precisely built presets for every potential sound environment, you can seamlessly switch from listening to music, gaming, and streaming video in an instant. -


Make the audio and visual components part of a seamless experience. The visualization allows you to experience your music in a completely different way.

What exactly is FxSound?

High Definition Audio (HD Audio)

This software recovers lost fidelity in low-quality audio tracks in real time, resulting in a rich, clear, and booming sound experience.

The sound that is unique to you

With Fx Sound Effects and EQ, you have the ability to increase the bass in your song, change the dynamic range, and much more.

DFX Audio Enhancer is a software program that enhances the sound of a recording.

Although the company's name has changed, the exceptional sound quality that came with DFX has remained unchanged


When you turn on the software, you will notice an immediate improvement in sound quality.

Increasing the volume

This will give you the most loudness possible without distorting the sound.

Shortcuts on the keyboard

It is now easier than ever to switch between presets and devices.


The software optimizes your listening experience on a computer-assisted basis. Simply relax and take it all in.


For audiophiles who are serious about their audio, the tool provides the tools to fine-tune the Fx Sound Effects and EQ to your specific preferences.


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