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Private & Secure - UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini offers fast and innovative features, which can make it one of the easily available Android browsers. It doesn't look better than other premier browsers on Android. However, it does offer a number of ways to enhance your browsing that you may not have noticed.

This app comes as a smaller version of the full UC browser. The small size of the UC Browser mini allows it to load pages significantly faster than other browsing apps. Thanks to a speed dial feature like desktop, getting to your favorite sites is even faster. The app includes other features you like on your desktops, such as an incognito format and a built-in download menu. Unfortunately, all of these extra features make the app a huge and annoying menu. They make it easy to find your advanced settings, but they take most of the page to a small screen phone. You can wander around them in a full-screen mode of the browser, which looks like a fancy reader app when you activate it. You can turn on the app's "Night Mode" to change the color for easy reading.

When it comes to style and speed, some browsers may be similar to what it brings to the table. Even in a small format, it still has a lot of features that you really want in your mobile browser. Some support for Ed as you will find with Opera, Firefox, and Dolphin can make it the best browser. As it is, the UC Browser Mini is still lovable, especially if you're a fast-paced devil or browsing with a slow connection.

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Released        November 10, 2020
Date Added    November 10, 2018
Version           11.5.2

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