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Nougat Android 7.0

Nougat Android 7.0  Android 7 Nougat brings a lot of improvements to Google's popular mobile platform.

Multi-window mode: Nougat has the ability to display two new app windows at the same time, on either side in a split-screen view or vertically, one window up and the other down. Adjust the dividing line between two windows to make one app bigger and one smaller. You can also drag and drop text or other elements from one window to another in multi-window mode. And with Nougat and Android TV, you can pin videos on the screen using the app.
Notifications: In the new Android OS, it's easy to work with notifications. Reply online directly in the notification shed, including the lock screen, so you don't need to launch another app to respond. Nougat also groups relevant notifications so that they appear as a notification, allowing you to see the messages in context.
 Quick Settings provides access to common system settings such as Wi-Fi. They are now customizable, letting you know which ones you want to see in the notification list.
Power Management: Nougat builds on Marshmallow's battery conservation technique. It does a smart job of saving energy when a device is unplugged but not in use and restricts system activity to reduce power consumption.
Data Saving: If you're worried about using cellular data, the Data Saver tool lets you set a limit on the amount of network data used by certain apps. You can prevent the use of background data and force apps to use fewer data in the preview when possible. The tool lets you whitelist specific apps for using background data.
Display Size: For low or visually impaired users, a new access setting allows you to change the display size of the device, and you can blow or shrink the elements on the screen.

Wait for the update: Owners of Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, and Pixel C devices should be able to quickly adopt Nougat. While Google is urging handset makers and carriers to release Nougat faster than Android updates in the past, if you own a non-Nexus Android device, you'll have to wait for Nougat.
Android Overlays and Bluetooth: Allows Google handset makers and carriers to bolt on their custom interface and add apps to the Android OS. The changes allow vendors to differentiate between their devices, but this means that users will have to navigate through a device-specific interface full of unwanted cameras, calendars, and messaging apps. If you're looking for an inexperienced Android, check out the Nexus tool.
Android 7's helpful fixes and enhancements ب including multi-windows, inline notifications, and battery-saving tactics نو make Nougat a welcome update.


Detail Nougat 7

Release         July 28, 2020
Date Added   August 29, 2020
Version           7.0

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