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GoPro Studio gives you a lot of beautiful editing tools in one beautiful package. It can be shot with all the big names in the world of Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, and Video Editing. Best of all, it's relatively easy to get started, so you can go into your editing without the need for a class on digital media studio.
GoPro Studio is a heavy download at 12MB. It also requires quick time, which makes it even harder to get started if you have a slow internet connection. To complete the lengthy setup process, GoPro Studio gives you a video editor that drips with style. It has a beautiful, intuitive layout that puts your video at the center. If you are new to video editing, it kicks you in with a tutorial, but the program is so organized that you may not need it. While this is welcome for beginners, the program does not lack features. With a host of exposure, white balance, and other image editing tools, it gives you considerable control over how the video looks. It includes some preset filters so you can get a specific style with the push of a button. The program's timeline editing style is not difficult. Although the program has a popular camera name, you will not need to edit your videos.
You won't see a video editing program that offers too much while still being incredibly easy to use. GoPro Studio stands tall compared to paid video editors in terms of features and good looks. No wonder so many videos shot with GoPro cameras look amazing!

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released            September 16, 2020
Date Added        September 16, 2020
Version              1.3.0

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