Caller ID, Truecaller , spam blocking

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Caller ID, Truecaller , spam blocking

 Truecaller Caller ID app lets you search beyond your phonebook, identify unknown incoming calls, and block unwanted calls.
Caller ID was used to display phone numbers, caller ID readers were hot items in the '90s. Even today, in the age of smartphones, the infrastructure for these caller ID services still exists. The True Caller app for Android lets you see who's calling before answering to help you make a call. It can also prevent bill collectors and other hassles.
When you first set up this app, it asks you to sync it with Facebook to add your friend's numbers and photos. By default, it taps on the numbers and photos of people already in your contact list. True Caller also gives you a list of hundreds of suspicious numbers from your user's database that you block at once. Whenever you receive a call, it displays any contact information in the app's large database so you can screen it. This will tell you if this number is associated with bill collectors or scam callers. You can block a number at any time before answering when you do not want to accept the call.
Although it does not provide incredibly detailed call history, True Caller is still a valuable caller ID. If more spammers are calling you than real people, give this app a shot. You will get all the benefits of Caller ID without linking your phone number to anything else. The blocked calling feature is also a great addition to a free app.


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Released       November 14, 2020
Date Added   November 14, 2020
Version          10.0.12

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