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Friday, June 11, 2021

Revo Uninstaller Download

 Free Download Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Download

Software/App Name: Revo Uninstaller
Download free full version for Windows & Mac and other
Available in android, mac, ISO, Pc/laptop
Category: window, iso, Andriod, and iPhone

Feature and Use 

The reviewer installer adds some serious power to installing programs, but not too much speed. It definitely runs circles around the default option in Windows. However, this is not the easiest way to remove programs from your hard drive. It also uses a lot of great features behind a Paywall. apksofts About us
The Revo Uninstaller comes with a free trial, which lacks the advanced features of the pro version. While it may delete some registry errors that usually come with deletion programs, it does not eliminate them all. To do this, you need to upgrade or use different programs. Upgrading does not increase the speed of this download, which is something that is badly missing. It waits for you to start installing another program. This is even more annoying because you also have to go through the built-in uninstall process of each individual program. Selecting programs to uninstall them is easy and quick, though, thanks to the menu based on the program's icon. There are many options for syncing your uninstall. You can choose from options that include a light install or deep cleaning that removes all traces of the program from your hard drive. Even here really. There is also a clean "hunt" mode that allows you to uninstall programs or finish tasks without loading the program completely.


General Feature Revo

released                 jan 17, 2021
Date Added            Jan 17, 2021
Version                   2.1.5

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