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Software/App Name: Revo Uninstaller
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Feature and Use 

The file and program removal software Revo Uninstaller Pro, developed by the VS Revo Group, uninstalls anything that is currently installed on your computer, including the most irritating of files and programs. Moreover, it offers assistance in the removal of any harmful programs. Additionally, it increases your privacy by removing all residual data from your web browsing activity. Finally, it tracks down every program and creates a backup of your registry while the removal procedure is underway.

A method for removing data that is both effective and efficient
This app may not be the most visually appealing tool, but people use it because of the capability it possesses to do the tasks at hand. It will aggressively chase any program until it completely deletes the content, all while protecting your machine from unnecessary hassle. This pick is a premium app for which we give a demonstration version. The rates are roughly 25 dollars for the desktop version and 30 dollars for the portable version, which can be used anywhere.
Revo Uninstaller full edition has held up well over the many years since it was first released, and it is still regarded as one of the best uninstallers available. It should come as no surprise given the regular reports and the overall effectiveness of the program.
Installation and interaction with the system
Downloading Revo Uninstaller Pro is a straightforward process. Continuing, the installation process is also a very simple one to navigate through and understand. They do not require any personal information from you, and the process is completed in a short period of time.
The interface is fairly simple and old fashioned, giving a nostalgic experience for the player. Despite this, it nevertheless provides all of the information that is required while being simple. Although there is nothing to take away from its user-friendliness, the fact that it has an antiquated feel makes it less than spectacular. It does not have a software updater, in contrast to Iobit.
Uninstalling Revo Uninstaller is a simple process.
This is the most significant aspect of the software, as it controls the majority of its features. It is common knowledge that the regular removal process leaves behind traces of the software in both the registry and files, however this is not always the case. Uninstaller Pro removes everything, or almost everything, depending on your preferences, while maintaining your privacy.
Revo compiles all of the programs into a single folder called "All Programs." You can select as many apps as you wish and set a date and time for when they will be deleted. Of course, you are unable to remove any of the built-in apps from Windows, which is a disappointment. However, the entire process is completely safe, and your computer will not be affected in any way.
One of the most important features of the pro version, as opposed to the free version, is that it can delete both 32-bit and 64-bit apps. It performs its primary role on Windows 10, removing many stray items that were previously left behind.
There are also other important characteristics.
The AutoRun Manager is included in the Revo Uninstaller Pro installation package. While maintaining the security of your startup, you can uninstall any programs that are increasing the time it takes for your computer to boot. Moreover, it makes certain to show you precisely how these programs are harming your computer's performance.
The History Cleaner is essential for maintaining the security of your computer's browsing. You can check here to see whether any cookies have made their way into your machine. Aside from that, it wipes off any traces of what the PC has done on the internet, which includes all of the major online browsers.
Aside from that, the process comprises navigating through the start menu and emptying the trash can. As the Uninstaller, it makes certain that there is nothing left in the folders and that everything is shredded.
There are a few more cleaning options, such as the Evidence removal tool, which securely and permanently removes any cookies or evidence of what you have done from your computer's hard drive. Additionally, the Unrecoverable Delete feature ensures that any information you delete will never be recovered under any circumstances, so saving up disk space.
Programs that have been traced
Revo Uninstaller Pro starts monitoring your computer as soon as you install it, and it will continue to do so until you uninstall it. It keeps track of what people do in order to understand the impact of their actions on the system. In addition, the app records the installation process itself.
By doing so, Uninstaller is already prepared to remove every trace of the program from the computer's hard drive. In order to clean up the app or eliminate its root files, Revo Pro can effortlessly annihilate the process. However, it is possible that your computer has already been used prior to this time.
The Logs Database was created by the developers in order to address this issue. What this does is it takes past program removals and organizes them into a database. By doing so, it assures that the majority of uninstalls are already known, making yours proceed more quickly and cleanly.
Programs that are different
It is possible to obtain the free Revo Uninstaller version rather than paying for the entire program instead of only the uninstaller. However, the free version lacks many of the features that distinguish the Pro version from the rest. A removal cannot be forced, and an extended search for leftover files cannot be performed by the program. Aside from that, there are a few small aspects to mention.
Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 is a powerful competitor to Revo Pro and is one of the most popular uninstallers on the market. It has a much more sleek and modern appearance. It also includes a number of other utilities, such as a file recovery tool. To be honest, they are pretty similar in scope, with Ash having slightly better ratings in the community forums.
When compared to Revo, Iobit Uninstaller falls short of the mark. Despite the fact that it outperforms Pro in terms of interface, it is a worse removal application in general. This program has some concerns with the deletion of necessary registries and the retention of files that should be destroyed. Additionally, it offers much more than just uninstalling, but places a far lower emphasis on effective uninstallation.
The portable edition of the program offers a little bit more for not all that much more money than the desktop version. For an additional five dollars, the application can be utilized on any computer of your choosing. Furthermore, it can be transferred on a USB drive, making it helpful for a corporation or a family to have access to.
Dedicated to the reduction of unnecessary material
As we've seen, this program has a robust software foundation to support it. Despite its ancient appearance, it has held up well over time. It is now compatible with Windows 10 thanks to the most recent update. It has strong support, including a 24-hour hotline and a comprehensive FAQ area. Furthermore, it is completely secure and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients.
Overall, we believe Revo Uninstaller Pro should be your primary uninstaller of choice. You can feel confident that all of the information and cookies have been deleted permanently and will not return to torment your computer.


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released                 jan 17, 2021
Date Added            Jan 17, 2021
Version                   2.1.5

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