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Monday, June 14, 2021

Free Snipping Tool Download

 Download Free Snipping Tool 

Free Snipping Tool Download

Software/App Name: Snipping tool
Download free full version for Windows & Mac and other
Available in android, mac, ISO, Pc/laptop
Category: window, iso, Andriod, and iPhone

Feature and Use for System

We know Windows sends free snapping tools to Windows 7 and later, but it lacks some of the features that developers or some modern users need. Windows Snapping Tool does not have features like uploading Snap to FTP or any other storage services.
So for this very purpose, we need a tool that works just like Windows Free Snipping Tool which includes uploading Snap to FTP or help with storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, S3. Be The Web Free Snapping Tool also helps send snaps as WebRequosts to target any webpage/address you want, so it can help create new APIs or use existing ones. 
You've already guessed by its name that it's free, so install and try this free snapping tool. Key Features 1 - Take snapshots of screenshots. 2-Automatically save snaps to folders. Save 3-snaps as png, jpg, gif, bmp, tiff icon formats. 4-Key association with PrtScr Snap tool. 
Upload 5 to Snap in FTP Dropbox 6. 7-Upload snaps by sending web requests to Google Drive. 9 Comprehensive Shortcut Keys Send 10 uploaded photos to the amazing s3. 11 color picker. Scan 12-QR code for mobiles.

General Detail for Free Snipping Tool

released          April 26, 2021
Date Added     April 25, 2021
Version           5.2

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