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Zapya For Andriod

Software/App Name: Zapya
Download free full version for Windows & Mac and other
Available in android, mac, ISO, Pc/laptop
Category: window

Developer description

All of your file-sharing requirements may be met in one location! When you use Zapya, you can

quickly and easily distribute files of ANY size and ANY type to ANY platform, regardless of

whether you are online or not. It's never been easier to transfer files than now!


When you share offline with Zapya, you may transfer files between Android and iOS devices, as

well as between your PC and your mobile device, without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

Zapya provides four handy offline sharing ways, allowing you to share data with someone who is

physically close by. Either you may create a group and invite others to join it, make a personalized

 QR code for others to scan, shake to connect to another device, or just transmit files to others who

are in close proximity.


With Zapya, you may share files online from any device that has a web browser and transfer them

to another device. By selecting the Zapya Transfer icon on the Transfer page, you may easily

exchange files with individuals all over the world without having to download any additional

software. Zapya Transfer is a free service that is offered in a variety of languages.


Highlights of the Spotlight

Enhanced Android Compatibility

Zapya now supports scoped storage, allowing users of Android versions 11 and higher to send

and receive files in a secure manner. In addition, Zapya continues to support devices running 

Android versions 5 through 10 (including Jelly Bean).


Sharing has been upgraded from iOS to Android.

Connecting your iOS device to an Android device has never been simpler! You may now search

 for and connect to a Zapya group that has been created on an Android smartphone with a single

 click on Zapya.


Phone Replication is a service that allows you to duplicate a phone call.

Instantly back up and effortlessly transfer all of the material and data from your old device to 

your new one using this software.


Transferring Large Numbers of Files

With a single click, you may share entire directories or several huge files at the same time!


"Install Everything"

Using the "Install All" function, you can download all of the apps you desire onto your device at 

the same time.


Please see this video to understand why Zapya demands so many permission

: for more information.

If you would like to view Zapya's Privacy Policy in English, please go to en.html.

 Please see of service.html for the whole set of terms and 

conditions that apply to the application.

Please visit for information on how to download Zapya 

on other platforms.

General Detail For Zapya 

  • released November 15, 2020
  • Date Added November 18, 2020
  • Version  5.7 (US)

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