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Typing Master 10 Download

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  • Learn touch-typing with interactive exercises
  • Last updated on 12/30/16

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Typing Tutor that is Simple to Use
Adaptive touch typing tutor TypingMaster 10 is a touch typing tutor that adapts to your specific needs. It includes more than ten hours of personalized workouts that will guide you step by step through the process of becoming a professional keyboardist. You will save countless hours of crucial working time as a result of this improvement in typing speed, which is expected to treble - or possibly quadruple - overtime.

Throughout the process, your training is customized to your individual progress. TypingMaster identifies your weak points and helps you to overcome them with customized training. The use of this dynamic training approach ensures that your new skill is ready for action after only 3 to 5 hours of instruction. You can now download a free 1-week trial version of the software that includes all of the features.
New TypingMeter Widget has been added.
With TypingMeter, our one-of-a-kind widget for tracking and analyzing your typewriting while working on your computer, you can continue to improve your writing skills long after you have completed the touch-type classes in the classroom. With this outstanding widget, which you won't find in any other keyboarding software, you can keep track of your writing and use the information gathered to tailor training sessions to your own needs.

No matter if you're writing an email, a report, or conversing online, the TypingMeter keeps track of your typing statistics, tracks and analyzes your typewriting habits, and helps you identify the keys and words that cause you the most trouble. At various points throughout your session, the TypingMeter will appear on the screen and advise to you that you complete an exercise focused on your problematic letters and words.
Typing Exams and a Diploma
Advanced typing skill exams allow you to assess your present typing speed and accuracy, and you can print out a diploma as a result. Custom text can be included in the premium version. You can take a typing test for one minute, five minutes, or ten minutes.

Try your hand at some of our entertaining typing games to see how far your typing abilities can lead you! During your training, TypingMaster will identify any problematic fingers or keys that require additional practice, and you will be able to do additional workouts or play games that target those issues.
Review and statistical data
While you are practicing, TypingMaster detects any problematic fingers or keys that require additional practice and generates additional exercises that are specifically tailored to them.

Advanced statistics allow you to quickly keep track of how much you have typed and how your typing speed has progressed on a daily and weekly basis with relative ease. As soon as TypingMeter detects recurrent problems, it advises that you participate in a brief training session with tailored instructions to refine the problem keys. Over a few weeks, you'll be able to eradicate the pain locations that are causing you to sluggishly type - what an easy approach to improve your typing skills!

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