SMADAV 2021 Download

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SMADAV 2021 Download

  • Software/App Name: SMADAV
  • Download free full version for Windows & Mac and other
  • Available in android, mac, ISO, Pc/laptop
  • Category: window
  • Protect your computer from viruses
  • Last updated on 04/15/20

Editors Review

Smadav Antivirus is a free antivirus program that is designed to safeguard your Windows computer from viruses and malware. Smadav Antivirus is a simple, security-free tool that delivers real-time anti-virus protection, ensuring that your Windows PC is protected at all times. Smadav Antivirus is available for free download from the Internet.
Smadav Anti-virus is primarily intended to provide additional safety for your computer (particularly its total protection for USB Flash Drives), and as a result, the software does not provide complete protection. If you would be frequently visiting the internet or installing new programs, it is highly suggested that you employ additional security products that provide comprehensive protection.
Specifications and Highlights
Compatibility with different antivirus software, providing additional protection for your computer.
Almost all other antiviruses are unable to be installed alongside another antivirus due to the antivirus that is designed to provide primary protection on your computer. This is not the case with the application; it is an antivirus that is designed to provide additional (second layer) protection, and as such, it is compatible with and can be installed and used in conjunction with another antivirus on your Windows PC. In order to detect and wipe viruses, the program use its own technique (behavior, heuristics, and whitelisting) which increases the overall security of your computer.
The Most Effective USB Antivirus (Total Protection for USB Flashdisk)
The USB flash drive is one of the most commonly utilized media for virus distribution. A proprietary method is used by the software to prevent virus distribution and infection from a USB Flashdisk. It is capable of detecting numerous new and unknown viruses on USB drives, even if the virus is not yet included in the database. Not only can Smadav provide virus protection, but it can also clean a USB Flashdisk of infections and restore files that have been hidden or contaminated by viruses.
Antivirus with a low resource requirement
The program merely consumes a small percentage of the resources available on your desktop. Most of the time, only very little amounts of memory (around 5 MB) and CPU are utilized (under 1 percent ). It will not cause your computer to slow down due to the extremely low resource consumption. Furthermore, you can install another antivirus program that will function in conjunction with Antivirus to secure your computer.
Virus cleaners and removal tools are available.
The antivirus program can remove some viruses that have already infected your computer and can also repair any registry changes that have been caused by the infection. There are numerous features provided in the software to assist in virus removal.
Note: If you are using the Free edition of Smadav, you must manually download the latest version of Smadav in order to keep your current version up to date. Another distinction is that the Pro version has several additional functions, such as: The following features are available: Automatic updates, Exception List, Maximize/Resize, Changing theme colors, Admin Password, etc.

General Detail of Smadav

  • Release April 14, 2020
  • Date Added April 14, 2020
  • Version 13.7
  • Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Additional Requirements None

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