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Software/App Name: Mozilla Firefox
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Improved browsing speed and security

Mozilla Firefox for Windows PC (formerly known as Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP).


Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser for Windows PCs and laptops, and it is also available for 

Linux. Despite the fact that it includes a plethora of capabilities, the Mozilla Foundation has not made

any concessions in terms of browsing speed or privacy controls. With this multi-faceted browser, you

 may engage in both casual internet browsing and in-depth internet research without difficulty. Mozilla 

Firefox for Windows 10 is a speedier and more stable application as compared to prior beta versions. 

As a result of its clear layout, you can quickly locate numerous functions such as downloads, add-ons 

& extensions, bookmarks, and history without difficulty.


There are numerous features for infinite surfing!

In the browser industry, Mozilla Firefox has been lagging behind the leading browsers for a long time. 

Opera and Microsoft Edge are two of the most popular browsers available. In 2017, Mozilla released 

Quantum, an outstanding update that gave the firm a fresh lease on life and re-energized the community

This upgrade increased the performance and privacy of the browser while also making it more 

resource-efficient on the system.


While Mozilla isn't recognized for having a large number of extensions, the popular Facebook container

extension, which allows you to insert Facebook share and like buttons straight into the container, is 

one of the company's highlights. If you are concerned about Facebook utilizing your data, you may 

disable this option with a couple of clicks on the Facebook website.

Is it a browser that isn't too heavy?

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is twice as fast as prior versions, according to the company. 

According to various speed studies, the Firefox browser may be launched in less than 5 seconds on 

most systems. Navigation and page load times have also been improved, allowing you to explore the 

internet more quickly and seamlessly.


While using Firefox, you will be able to navigate through video-heavy websites without any problems. 

Most notably, the most recent version of the browser consumes around 30% less RAM than its 

competitors, which is significant. Consequently, it has no effect on system activities and allows you to

browse single or numerous tabs without interruption or latency.

Is it possible to turn off anti-tracking measures in Firefox?

Firefox isn't far behind in terms of privacy options, despite the fact that browsers such as Brave are

well-known for them. The platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of anti-tracking measures

that help to keep your browsing experience safe. Furthermore, because there is no demand for large

amounts of data to track usage, these features result in a speedier surfing experience for the user.

In addition to improving tracker protection on Windows PCs, the browser also protects your system

from hackers and harmful websites, which not only speeds up your browsing experience but also

increases its overall security. Once you begin using Mozilla Firefox, you will no longer have to be

concerned about viruses and other online hazards.


The best aspect is that Firefox comes pre-installed with anti-tracking tools that can be customized. 

As a result, controlling the level of blocking required by your system is straightforward. While the

default setting prevents all tracking, you can customize your experience by blocking specific websites

to provide a more personalized experience.

Mozilla Firefox, like the majority of browsers, provides the option to block third-party cookies. 

This function may be accessed quickly and easily from the 'Settings' section of the menu bar. 

Additionally, you can access it by clicking on the 'Shield' icon in the 'URL' bar of your browser. 

In case you aren't too tech-savvy, the tracking prevention option by default disables all third-party 

cookies and prevents them from being used.

Password manager with a lot of features

When you are exploring the internet, you are likely to visit a variety of different websites. 

Each one of them, more often than not, requires a login password. If you have trouble remembering

passwords, it can be a time-consuming process to have to change them on a regular basis. 

Mozilla has made the 'Lockbox Password Manager,' which was previously only available on iOS and 

Android apps, available on Windows and Mac. It's perhaps one of the most useful privacy settings in

the Firefox browser. The feature is referred to as 'Lockwise' on desktop computers and laptop computers.

Despite the fact that Firefox is not known for having a large number of extensions, this one is rather

Likewise has the capability of automatically and securely storing your passwords in the platform itself. 

As a result, you will be able to log in from any device with ease. The function saves you the time and

effort of having to remember each and every password and logging in separately on each website. 

Additionally, Mozilla Firefox includes a feature called 'Firefox Monitor,' which allows you to check 

for email addresses that may have been compromised as a result of a data breach.

When you use Firefox Monitor, you will receive detailed information about a large number of email

addresses that are constantly being monitored for security breaches. Hackers have been targeting

sensitive data of consumers all across the world in recent years. [pagebreak] With Mozilla Firefox's

enhanced tracking protection and other security features, you may browse the web in a more safe and

secure manner.

Is it possible to personalize Firefox in any way?

One of the most useful aspects of the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is the ability to

customize it. A simple right-click on the navigation toolbar allows you to easily alter various

components of the application. Furthermore, the user interface makes it simpler to drag and drop

items. There's also an Add-ons Manager embedded within the browser, which allows you to discover, 

explore, and install Firefox add-ons right from within the browser. You may even look over the

descriptions, suggestions, and ratings to see what people think.

Mozilla Firefox gives you the ability to customize your entire browsing experience by offering thousand

of customizable themes to choose from. With Mozilla's open-source platform and APIs, webmasters 

can quickly and simply construct complex apps and content modules for their websites.

An amazing alternative for browsing that is both speedy and secure!

While Mozilla Firefox isn't as widely used as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, it is a fantastic

choice for those who want to surf more quickly. It offers a comprehensive set of security and browsing

capabilities, as well as the ability to sync across many platforms. Because it is completely free to

download, it is an excellent choice for internet browsing. One of the most noticeable advantages of

using Mozilla Firefox is its speed. Other advantages include its flexibility, dependability, security, and

customization possibilities. Over the years, the firm has established a high standard for other web 

browsers to follow. Avast Secure Browser is another solution that deserves to be mentioned.

Mozilla Firefox, without a doubt, is a lightweight, quick, and simple-to-use web browser that is suitable

for most users. It was created more than a decade ago and did not immediately become popular, but

today it is one of the most widely used browsers available online, according to the company. 

Firefox will work flawlessly on any Windows system, whether it is a 32-bit or a 64-bit configuration. 

Because it is compatible with a variety of operating systems, you can continue to use the browser

across numerous devices. The data from all of your devices is synchronized in real-time.

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Released February 20, 2021
Date Added February 29, 2021
Version 85.0.2

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