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Last updated on 03/09/21
There have been 12 updates in the last 6 months
Also available on Android, iOS, and Mac

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Google's Chrome web browser has become one of the most popular in the world thanks to its smooth performance, support for add-ons, and features like casting and voice search, which are not present in competitive browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or only partially. Are enforced. And Microsoft Edge.

Best add-on support: Chrome minimizes Firefox in two ways. One, your add-ons are linked to your Google Account. So if you download a newer version of Chrome or install ads on one of your devices, when you log in to your Google Account in Chrome on another device, the browser will automatically download those ads or updates. Will load and install. Two, usually the Chrome version of an ad works more in the user interface. For example, the login UI for LastPass is much better in Chrome than in Firefox. It makes a difference if you log in and out of LastPass all day.

In addition, Chrome's Task Manager (accessing it by pressing Shift-SS) breaks down how much RAM and CPU power each AdSense is using, so you can identify people who May cause problems with browser performance or device battery life. Firefox has some tools to track incremental performance, but they are not as user-friendly.

Casting Support: Chrome requires a casting ad, but it is now embedded in the browser. If you have a TV with a Chromecast device and it's on the same network as your computer, you can open the Chrome tab on your computer and send it to y0ur television.

Or you can cast a streaming video embedded on this tab. It's easy for presentations or for watching videos on a big screen. In contrast, for Firefox, only the Android version can be animated, it does not support different video types, and you cannot cast tabs.

Voice Search: When you go to in the Chrome browser, it has a microphone icon in the search field. Click on it to search using your voice, if you have a microphone in your computer. For most people, this is much faster than typing a search query.


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Release    3, 9, 2021
Date Added  3, 8, 2021
Version 89.0.4389.82

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