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Software/App Name: GOM PLAYER
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Feature and use GOM

GOM Media Player is a free multimedia player that comes pre-installed with a number of popular
video and audio codecs. This software is compatible with a variety of file types, including AVI, DAT, 
MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, and ASF. Codecs are not required to be installed individually by the user. 
The software is capable of playing incomplete or damaged AVI files by skipping over the defective
frames in the AVI video file. It can even play files that have been locked or just partially downloaded. 
Among its additional capabilities are drag-and-drop support, HTTP streaming, changeable skins, 
subtitling, an overlay mixer, key remapping, enhanced filter rendering, real-time index rebuilding
for AVI files, and Unicode support, to name a few examples. By clicking on the free download option,
 you will be able to download the GOM Media Player for PC offline installer from the website.

Also available: Download GOM Cam - The most comprehensive recording and editing tool available 
for editing video at the same time!

What is the benefit of using GOM Media Player?

Full-Service Documentation Support
All of the most common video formats are supported by default in GOM Media Player, including 
AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and others.

Advanced Characteristics
In addition to playing your films, this software has a slew of additional functions including A-B r
epeat, screen capture, audio capture, playback speed control, and video effects, allowing you to do 
much more with them.

Its skinnable UI and advanced filter options make GOM Media Player a highly customizable
application that allows users to tailor their experience to meet their own requirements. New skins
and logos are available for download from the GOM MediaPlayer website!

Codec Finder is a program that searches for codecs.
GOMMediaPlayer does not support all video formats by default, and this includes certain unusual
video formats. The Codec Finder function in GOM Media Player will search for the codec you're
missing and lead you to a page where you can learn more about and/or download the codec you're
missing when you try to watch these videos.

Software that is supported
Depending on the video, DirectX or Windows Media Player may be required.
Depending on the video file type, different settings may be recommended.
Playing 360° VR is supported on Windows Vista SP2 and DirectX 11 or higher versions of the
operating system.
The use of the "Searching the codec" and "Searching the subtitles" functions is restricted to 
operating system versions Vista and lower.
The updates for Windows XP are no longer available for download or installation.


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Release 10, 9, 2020
Date Added 10, 9, 2020

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