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Software/App Name: CCLEANER
Download free full version for Windows & Mac and other
Available in android, mac, ISO, Pc/laptop
Category: window, iso, Andriod, and iPhone
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Feature and use of CCLEANER

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy, and cleaning utility for Windows PCs that may be downloaded from the Internet. It cleans up unneeded files from your system, helping Windows to function more quickly and saving up important hard disk space in the process. Also removed are traces of your online activities, such as your Internet history, from your computer. Additionally, it has a comprehensive registry cleaner with a variety of options. CCleaner is the world's most popular PC cleaner, and it can clean temporary files, optimize your computer, and speed it up.

Specifications and Highlight

PC Optimization that has won awards

Millions of people have confidence in it, and it has received critical acclaim. There's a good reason why this application is the most popular PC optimization utility in the world! Simple to use, one-click cleaning allows beginners to optimize their PCs in seconds, while advanced capabilities allow power users to get the most out of their computers.

Can CCleaner be relied upon?

This is a reasonable question given the fact that a security compromise occurred in the fall of 2017. Measures have been taken, and this software bundle, like any other registry cleaning, is now deemed to be safe, at least for the time being.

Is it possible to use CCleaner to repair a registry error?

With the passage of time, a registry's contents might get overloaded with unnecessary information. One of the key functions of CCleaner is to remove files that are no longer needed. This will free up RAM and may also allow the system to function more quickly as a result.

Is it possible for a third party to recover deleted files?

Using the default settings, there is a possibility that vital files will be accessed even after they have been deleted if this software is executed. The likelihood of a third party being able to recover such material can, however, be reduced by taking certain precautions. It is possible to thwart such attempts by utilizing the "Secure Deletion" functionality.

Is CCleaner compatible with Macintosh operating systems?

At present time, there is no version of this program that is compatible with Macintosh computer operating systems. This is primarily owing to the fact that Apple controls access to some areas of its operating system that can be accessed by third-party applications (technically known as "sandboxing" within the development community).

Is CCleaner compatible with Windows 10 operating systems?

This tool is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows 8. Following a successful navigation to the official distribution website, the user will only need to select the operating system that he or she is currently using. Following that, the download should begin on its own accord.

What is the frequency of CCleaner updates?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this application is that it will be updated on a frequent basis. This is being done in order to address certain new difficulties relating to registries, as well as to streamline the cleaning process overall. Users can choose to turn off the automatic update feature if they so wish (although the developers do not recommend this action).

Is CCleaner Effective at Preventing Pop-Up Windows and Viruses?

Important: Please keep in mind that CCleaner is not intended to prevent pop-up adverts, nor is it intended to block websites that could or might not contain dangerous software. Its principal interest is the cleanup of registries that have been corrupted or are otherwise flawed. Those who are concerned about viruses should look for third-party solutions that are both effective and affordable.

Is it possible to use CCleaner for free?

A free edition will provide the user with the most basic tools necessary to clear a registry, such as a registry cleaner. Aside from that, CCleaner Pro provides additional upgrades that may be useful in situations where the basic services are unable to adequately handle issues with a registry, as described above. It will be necessary to make a one-time payment before the download can be allowed using this option.

Computer with increased speed

Is your computer operating at a slow pace? Over time, it accumulates unneeded files and settings that consume hard disk space, causing it to become steadily more inefficient and slow. CCleaner 2021 newest version cleans up these files and speeds up your computer in an instant.

More Secure Browsing

Advertisers and websites track your online behavior using cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer. It deletes your browser's search history and cookies, ensuring that whatever internet browser you perform remains confidential and that your identity remains anonymous while doing so.

There will be fewer errors and crashes.

Over time, your registry might become clogged with mistakes and broken settings, which can cause your computer to freeze or crash. The unique registry cleaner in C Cleaner removes this clutter, allowing your computer to run more smoothly.

Startup time is reduced.

When you first turn on your computer, many programs operate in the background without your knowledge. It allows you to get to work or play more quickly by disabling programs that are no longer needed.


General Detail

Release 2,27, 2021
Date Added 2,26, 2021
Version  5.76.8269

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